Brain Facts, 10 Amazing Facts About The Brain Work.

Brain Facts, 10 Amazing Facts About The Brain Work
Brain Facts, 10 Amazing Facts About The Brain Work

10 Brain Facts, Which Prove that We are Capable of Everything.

10 BRAIN FACTS: Our brain is amazing. It can help us to the climb any peak, achieve the cherished dreams and achieve the really most difficult goal. But for this, you need to understand the principles of its work

For the brain, reality and imagination are one and the same.

1st Brain Facts.

The brain reacts to every thought and does not understand where the fact is, where the fantasy is. That is why people who wear pink glasses feel happier, and the body perceives a placebo as a real pharmaceutical product.

Mental work does not tire the Brain

2nd Brain Facts

The feeling of fatigue of the brain arises from our emotions. The composition of blood flowing through the brain during active activity is unchanged. Although, for example, the blood from a vein in a person who has worked all day, significantly changes.

Most often the brain works automatically

3rd Brain Facts

More than half of our thoughts today are those thoughts that were yesterday. That’s why pessimists are so hard to change their perception of the world. It is necessary to literally “clear” the brain and makes it react more often to positive things.

We see what we think

4th Brain Facts

Any thoughts turn into a life experience. For example, if you dream of a trip to Paris, you will everywhere be reminded of this city. Want to change the world around – change your thoughts.

The brain must be trained like Muscles

5th Brain Facts

The brain is no different from the muscles, it must also be trained. For the brain it is useful to learn, an exercise in the open air, proper nutrition, sound sleep, travel to new places, engage in unfamiliar activities, record keeping, dancing and even playing Tetris.

Our brain never take the rest

6th Brain Facts

Even when we sleep, the brain continues to work hard. In addition, in a dream, his activity is even higher than in the daytime.

It is vital to shutting Down Time to Time

7th Brain Facts

In order not to be drowned in thousands of negative thoughts, it is necessary to “turn off” – to give respite to our immune system. Do not forget about active rest – it is the most useful for the brain.

Forgetting is good, so we retain the flexibility of the nervous system

8th Brain Facts

To include new memories in memory, the brain needs to get rid of the old ones. It would be nice if we could decide what to forget and what not. And for this you need to use the information that we want to keep more often.

Our brain is not sensitive to pain

9th Brain Facts

The brain reacts to pain, but it does not feel it because of the lack of necessary receptors. Although this fact does not apply to the many vessels, nerves, and tissues that surround the brain.

We can change our brain

10th Brain Facts

Any activity causes the brain to generate new neural connections. If we think that we are not able to achieve an increase, then in time this idea will only become stronger in the mind. But if you replace the installation with the phrase “I will do it”, then the brain itself will start to throw up opportunities for the realization of this goal.

We have the opportunity to achieve absolutely everything. The main thing is to believe.