21 Illustrations Design that capture the Small and Magical Moments, that each Partner Experiences at the Beginning of the Relationship.

Small and Magical Moments of Relationships.

Small and Magical Moments of Relationship.
Small and Magical Moments of Relationship.

21 Small And Magical Moments That Each Partner Experience At The Begining Of The Relationship.

Anyone who is in a long relationship, or in general has experienced some kind of extended love during his life, must be familiar with the magical feelings and the inexplicable emotions that surround us at the beginning of the relationship, a kind of general euphoria that allows love to sweep us and do us as it pleases.

Young Sea On, a 29-year-old illustrator who lives in Seoul, created “Touch,” a fascinating set of illustrations that captures those pure, one-time moments couples experience in the early stages of their relationship, just before love takes on a slightly different form.

Watching the pictures sometimes feels like eating a sugar cube without a glass of water for dessert, but it is also very powerful and manages to throw the viewer into unforgettable moments in his life, where he really felt the text attached to each of these sticky pictures. In short, beautiful and beautiful.

1. Your warm breath caressed me and I could not help losing my mind

2. The sound of your breathing during the rain

3. His scent felt like the one that comes up when you drown in the pillow of the afternoon after it has absorbed the sun all day. I felt I had to hold him

4. I still have no idea why I like to touch your skin more than mine

5. When you touched my ear and whispered to me in a deep voice your lips felt the most soft and special I have ever felt

6. My heart tickles when it touches my head with his fingertips

7. It’s never just physical contact. Not even the friction. At the same time, it’s something bigger, crushing you, flinging you into the sky, blowing your brains and making you float in the air

8. I just wanted to keep for a moment the wonderful fragrance that lay on her chest

9. I remember the moment when your floating gaze landed on me for the first time

10. Love begins with a look

11. If only I could feel that softness forever

12. The moment with this mysterious feeling that takes hold of you

13. your smell…

14. You just combed my hair with your hand for a moment and felt as if all the roots of my hair were alive again

15. Just before holding hands, the thrill of his fingers sliding over mine

16. When hers was locked on mine she sealed it

17. It’s a warm afternoon

18. My eyes follow the line that descends toward your waist to the silhouette that forms a perfect, flawless curve.

19. A cool night breeze, The warmth of your skin on mine, And the chill of a cold beer- A night of blissful intoxication.

20. Your gaze traces my outline to linger on the curve of my waist Making my skin quiver, my heart flutter

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