What Happen When People Asks for Help from Wrong Guy.

Funny Photoshop Pictures By James Fridman

Funny Photoshop Pictures

Do you have a collection of pictures or single picture that you would like to edit? Yeah… I have Images and would like to edit those pictures but I don’t know the use of Photoshop. 🙁

So,  Are you looking a Guy/Girl on the Internet who edit those pictures for you?

Yeaahh I am looking.

Okay so whatever you need, this guy can help you to sort out your problem. His name is James Fridman, he is a king of photoshop because of his hilarious Picture’s creations. He has a One Million Twitter and Facebook Followers.

You can find him on Twitter, Facebook, and his Website and submit your own pictures on his website.

There is nothing he can’t-do.

He fixes other people’s pictures issues on her/his request.

He does his work Exactly as he is instructed by other people.

That’s why his picture’s work is so hilarious or funny.

Check out some of James Fridman’s latest work.

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1Can You Give me Some Abs?

Give me Some abs.

2Can You Photoshop me Like I am a Harry Potter Character?

Photoshop me Like I am a Harry Potter Character

3Could you Photoshop My Face to First Pic.

Photoshop My Face to First Pic

4Could You Photoshop My Mum with a Handsome Guy!

Photoshop my mum with a handsome guy

5Can You Put Jay Z and Beyonce on My Left?

Put Jay Z and Beyonce on my Left

6Can You Put My Friend In a Less Awkward Pose?

Put My friend in a Less Awkward Pose

7Can you Photoshop My Ex-Boyfriend Out of This!

Photoshop My Ex-Boyfriend Out of This

8I Look Grate and another Girl in Black Shoes Look Bad.

We Love one Boy and I want to send this photo to him

9Can You Put me in Star Wars?

Put me in Star Wars

10Could you Please Make My Dad Look the Other Way, Because It’s a Bit Awkward!

Make My Dad Look The Other Way.

11Can You Please Make My Head Look Less Round?

Make My Head Look Less Round.

12Can You Make My Legs Longer?

Make My Leg Longer.

13I would like to Lay in America.

I would like to ley in America

14Can You Make Me Look Like a Demon or a Cyborg?

Look Like a Demon or a Cyborg

15Can You Make it Look Like I’m Fighting The Goose?

Make it look like I’m fighting the Goose

16Make Him Look Interested in Me Instead of His Phone.

Make him look interested in me instead of his phone

17Can You Photoshop My Picture? I have a Neck Like a Giraffe.

I have a neck like a Giraffe

18Could you Give me a Summer Body?

Give Me a Summer Body

19Can You Give Me a Kardashian Look?

Give me a Kardashian Look.

20Could you Make It so The Guy on the Right Doesn’t Look Like He’s Peeing on His Kid?

Make it so the guy on the right doesn’t look like he’s peeing on his kids

21Make me and My Friend look the Same Height.

Make me and My friend look the same height

22Can You Remove the Bed and Make me sit on Flying Magic Carpet Flying Over an Ocean.

Flying The Magic Carpet

23Can You Make My Sister Look Happier?

Make My Sister Look happier

24Can You Fix that Ironing Board, Make the Boobies Bugger

Make the Boobies Bugger

25Can You Make This Look Like We Are in More Dangerous Waters?

make this look like we are in more dangerous waters


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