The Square Comics – You will experience bliss, sadness and weirdness at the same time when you see these The Square Comics by Alvin Juano.   

The Square Comics
The Square Comics

The Square Comics – What if these Animals and Objects Could Speak?

Howdy, My name is Alvin Juano and I’m the guy behind The Square Comics.

All These comics have been made keeping in mind that the feelings and point of views of this non-humans, but I think that the title states it all. Hope you guys like it!

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Below You can check My Square Comics Work Here… For more comics visit our social media profile.


1. Bambitch


2. Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy

3. Bitter as a Penguin

Bitter as a Penguin

4. Carrot Top

Carrot Top

5. Cringey Petnames

Cringey Petnames

6. Demanding Mulan

Demanding Mulan

7. Dog vs Ant

Dog vs Ant

8. Don’t Cry

Don’t Cry

9. First Woof

First Woof

10. Freedom


11. Guess I will Die

Guess I will Die

12. Head Tastes Better

Head Tastes Better

13. hmm


14. How things fly

How things fly

15. How to Attract Females

How to Attract Females

16. I Give Up

I Give Up

17. I love you

I love you

18. It was Delicious

It was Delicious

19. Judgemental Shits

Judgemental Shits

20. Kill The Lights

Kill The Lights

21. Lightings Can not count

Lightings Can not count

22. Mating Song

Mating Song

23. Meet New Planets

Meet new planets

24. My Child

My child

25. Next Shower

Next Shower

26. Oh No

Oh No

27. One of These is Gonna Go Viral

One of These is Gonna Go Viral

28. Overspending on Lunch

Overspending on Lunch

29. Power of LOVE

Power Of love

30. Prata Blanket

Prata Blanket

31. Prove them wrong

Prove them wrong

32. Rain Rain Go Away

Rain Rain Go Away

33. Saved By the Belle

Saved By the Belle

34. Screw Your Standards

Screw Your Standards

35. Sharing is Caring

Sharing is Caring

36. Short Nap

Short Nap



37. Something in Common

Something in common

38. Sorry No

Sorry No

39. Stop the Violence

Stop the Violence

40. Tasty Baby

Tasty Baby

41. The monster

The monster

42. The One member that is really good at a useless skill

The One member that is really good at a useless skill

43. The Place is Clean Again

The Place is Clean Again

44. The Spider

The Spider

45. The Universe

The Universe

46. This is a Motivational Post

This is a Motivational Post

47. Tiring Workout

Tiring Workout

48. Totally worth the Rain

Totally worth the rain